The study of fingerprints is known across the world as dermatoglyphics and it is a practice that helps us to understand how the patterns on our fingertips make up who we each are.

Here at Aunty Acid this fascinates us! Hopefully by reading the article below you will learn something new about yourself.



So not that you’ve began examining you fingers can you see loop lines? These lines are the most common pattern for Europeans. Loops signify a generally calm and balanced personality. People who have loops on their fingertips are often very compassionate and are always trying to help others.

They generally find it very easy to make friends. However sometimes they can be a little too diligent and are afraid to work using just their initiative.

These people tend to wear there heart on their sleeve, and are passionate about doing things they love. If they find their work tedious or boring this will make them sad and depressed until they find an alternative. If you have loops on your hands you are likely to have a strong imagination and are somewhat of a daydreamer.



Do you have curves patterns on your fingertips? My guess is that you are extremely confident in what you do and you are a very energetic soul. You have an exuberance that kind of just leaps out at you brightening the lives of those you come in to contact with. You know that it is nice to be nice and therefore, you don’t get a long with negative people. However every now and then you have a tendency to be stubborn.

You have trouble adapting to things you are not familiar with.

People with curve patterns enjoy art and music and you tend to express how you feel through artistic body language.

You are extraordinary loyal and never give up on your friends.



Finally if you have spiralled swirls you tend to be short-tempered. However, you are a natural talent, very adaptable, and good at reading other people. If you start a project you simply have no interest in then you have no quarms about giving it up and turning your energy to something you enjoy much more. Your personality can be quite unstable at times, and you do tend to hide your feelings every now and then.

To others you may be quite hard to get to know, but once they know you they are likely find out that you are not as closed off as they first thought.

To summarize people with swirl patterns have a complex personality, and you are very good at surprising other people.

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